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Cute Short Comics thread

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post em cute comics
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Jujutsu Kaisen #8

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Previous thread >>3568100
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Haikyuu! Thread!

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it feels like it's been a while since we've had one. post volleyboys!
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Genshin Impact #12

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Bishounen Tanteidan / Pretty Boy Detective Club

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am I the only one on this?
watched ep1 a few hours ago and it blew my mind,,,,
so I guess here we are, and this is the thread
let's claim this anime before the fujos do it
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Bungou Stray Dogs

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Granblue Fantasy/GBF thread

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Starting with Sandalphon
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South park #45: Happy birthday Clyde

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post south park boys

previous thread: >>3555807
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Tied Up Boys #3

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A third thread since the last one reached the limit.

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Ciel Phantomhive

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