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My local store has been around for about 40+ years and shooting the shit after lockdown lifting they have said "manga sales have basically kept us afloat as the old guard pull lists withered from foot tall stacks to one or two books a quarter".

Is it people going all digital? the quality of modern writing going downhill? endless event fatigue reached unsustainability? "wokeshit" actually being a put off to the core audiences or what?

Have your comic buying habits changed over the last five years? and what caused the change for you?
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New GPrime85
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what did they mean by this?
russians are based wow
i mean this shot lasts way too long and has way too much sexual tension to be just a mistake rigth?
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Justice League Infinity

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DC is set to continue the much-loved DC animated universe with a new, digital-first comic book series that takes place in the universe of the fan-favorite animated series Justice League Unlimited. Starting in May, the publisher will release a seven-issue miniseries from writers James Tucker (Batman Beyond, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League International, The Life and Times of Savior 28). Titled Justice League Infinity, the series will be drawn by Ethen Beavers (Bedtime for Batman, Indiana Jones Adventures) and will debut on May 13 digitally on ComiXology and other ebook platforms, followed by a later physical release on July 6
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Why don't artists draw fat women realistically?
Post comics with fat women drawn realistically. No hourglass figure, no deviantart bloating, realistic fat only.
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What's next for the frozen franchise?

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What story do you think they'll do for 3?
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He must have a pink fire extinguisher between his legs, right?

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Two kids with a smoking hot girl like Nicole. Constantly pisses her off through his sheer idiocy. Never does any work around the house lest the universe crumble.

He has to have a monster hog.
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