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>has the ability to hear what animals are saying
>can't hear past Jane's British accent

What did they mean by this?
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Visualize the aroma...
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Are we ever going to get a mainstream cartoon that has:
>a gay male protagonist
>who is conventionally attractive/cute
>and develops a romance with another character in the main cast
Or will only lesbians ever get to have those things?
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So, why do people hate modern animation again?
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Itt: Characters you are becoming or came.
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What do you guys think of this show?
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Is it the best superhero movie ever made?
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I want some unbiased thoughts on this show

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Not from rose tinted nostalgic anons, or from bitter and dismissive Zimfags.

I want to know if it's any good.
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Comfy Family Guy thread.
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So, I recently bought the box set of Hey Arnold! which includes both movies and the series. I would highly reccomend, btw. But anyway, so there are plenty of real emotional episodes but I just saw one that doesn't get talked about as often, Ernie in Love. I won't spoil it or whatever, I'd suggest just watching it but I thought it was a pretty good episode. This was one of my favorite series' as a kid and the more I watch the more I realize why. I can't think of a show that balances humor out with raw emotion like this show.
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