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Why did CN drop the Cartoon Cartoons name in 2003 (until bringing it back recently)? Like what was wrong with calling Foster's or Camp Lazlo "Cartoon Cartoons" like the 90s shows?
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Bros.... I’m starting to find bald ladies hot
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Floppy Hate Thread

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>Outdated as Blockbuster for acquiring movies and soon cable for shows in general
>Caused the 90's comic crash with their dumb gimmick covers and overhyped "value"
>Are inferior to trades if you wanna display a collection
>Cheaper to just buy a trade instead of the individual issues
>Limited pages per issue, writers still try and pull decompression
>Has ads (why the fuck would you buy a product with ads in it?)
>Are necessary for keeping non A-Tier Big 2 comics alive meaning if you want to actually try and support something, you have to buy these damn things
Fuck the system
Fuck floppies
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OTP Thread

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First Meeting Edition
How did your OTP react when they first met each other anons?
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What's a comic/cartoon that will make me cry?
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Adventure Time characters

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Adventure time has many background characters, yet none we actually like are explored. The same could also be said of the main cast, who some we still don't know the full story of. Who should've we seen more of and explored over someone like Tree Trunks?
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What are your hopes for the Kingdom hearts TV series on Disney+?
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Sumdac Sunday

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It’s time once again to appreciate everyone’s favorite technorganic girl from the 22nd century, Sari, and the autobot team that cares for her. This time, how about if Studio Trigger is in charge to make a continuation of the show and her story?
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Astonishing X-Men

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Is Joss Whedon's run good?
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Would you watch a 170 episode cartoon where adults are forced into mental regression camps, healthcare isn’t a human right, characters are not allowed to take showers or else they’re depleting the world of its water supply, and senior citizens are encouraged by kids to die from diseases?
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