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/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General

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1. Don't post nudity or too revealing works.
When in doubt, post a censored copy here and link to the original off-site (e.g. catbox, imgur, etc).

2. **No Porn**.
No, not the retarded "anything with a body in it is porn" standard or "I see her underwear, MODSSS!!!" Use common sense.

3. Do not post sexualized child photo references. In fact, don't post pictures of children at all.

4. Due to the PPH (posts per hour versus the ratio of artists posting work) of this general, please wait until page 9 or 10 to remake a new thread or let the general fall off the board entirely before making a new one. Use fireden or warosu to retrieve the old threads.
>General Resources

>Specific Resources

>Abandoned(?) FAQ/Q&A
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This board is too negative. Let's discuss ways to actually have fun drawing. Did you know that having fun actually helps retain new skills and makes improving much easier since you'll be motivated to keep doing that activity?
Personally, I like to get comfy while drawing. Putting on music I like, some snacks, maybe some coffee. Turning off my phone as well as to not get distracted.
Another thing I think can be really fun if you've got at least one friend who draws, is using a website to doodle simultaneously, fun pastime while talking on VC.
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/TRAD/ Traditional Art General

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Post artwork you've made in traditional media for critique or just for funsies lolololol
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what do I have to do to make someone here spend 500 nippon Yen for a well desired fanbox tutorial? I'm a guy btw
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Lots of people together reference
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/beg/ Beginner Thread

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in

Sticky document:

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/dad/ Do Art Daily & /las/ Last Artist Standing

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Do Art Daily:
>Discord: You must have a DAD streak of at least 14 to join. Ask Vastian#0988 for an invite.
>Found an issue with the site? Lost your streak and want to appeal? Please message the contact link at the bottom of the site, not the thread.

>Draw every day (or your preferred frequency)
>Submit your work by 23:59:59 GMT
>Spend at least 30 minutes on each submission
>No loli or shota porn
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

Please comment on each other's artwork; dads love attention!


What is the goal?
>To become better.

I am /beg/gar and not know draw, can I join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

A brief history:
>Last Artist Standing (LAS): The original site, created by Lava (presumed dead, rest in peace). It has changed and ruined the lives of many lassies
>Draw Every Day (DED): A short-lived site between LAS and DAD, run and abruptly cancelled w to which has been in perpetual development by Ramune.
>Do Art Daily (DAD): The current site, by the dadmin and developer banana.

Community links:
>LAS discord (not to be confused with the official DAD discord):
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Is construction a meme?

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Okay construction Chads, I need some fucking answers. How come whenever I watch some mangaka and comic artists, not just Japanese, a lot of them rarely if ever use construction?

What the fuck is this bullshit. Is construction a meme? Am I getting dabbed on by spending time building figures with dumbass boxes and cylinders?

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Matte screen protector or not

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Should i get a matte screen protector for my ipad pro?

Please think and decide for me
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