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Copyrights and commercial use

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I've agreed with the client to make 8 illustrations 140$ each. I am half trough it and just now he told me that he wants not only to use my illustrations but he wants all copyrights. So my question is; How much should I ask for the single illustrations now if I can use them even in my portfolio?
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Manga nibs/tools

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Hello /ic/rabs!
I make this thread to start a conversation about pen nibs.
>Especially the G nib
Ever since i seen this nib and heard more things about it i grew more and more interested and obsessed over it.
But i can't get it and amazon will perhaps have me wait a year until i get it .
>I will stop growing my bulge and jump to the subject.
What are some nibs/tools that are similar to the G nib experience or better than it?
And for those who used a G nib , how good is it? Is it as the rumors go around about it?

>some fag cries that i killed his furry loli crab thread
fuck you faggot , i don't care.
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>search for "Great German Artists"
>zero results
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definitive proof that being a coom artist automatically guarantees that you are gmi
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can someone explain why top is so much better than the bottom? beyond the lazy posing, expressions, the way the new artist avoids drawing hands
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Is Jeff the GOAT? Every single stroke he makes is beautiful
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Vent Thread

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Other than talking about why you can’t draw today, the vent thread serves a hub to induce schizophrenia and “meds” recommendations from strangers who need them more than you do. If you love games like this than this is the general for you!
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>how to make armpit lines and similar go poof
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how do you decide what to draw
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any hobbyists on here?

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So I came here not too long ago and I see this NGMI, GMI stuff and I'm just wondering if it's just a meme or people actually believe they will earn good money and fame someday from their drawings?
are you guys actually, like, literally dreaming of being some bigshot artist some day? or do you just like to draw?
Cause man, if its the first one, I... you should listen to your parents bros, if you have them, not influencers that profit from making you feel good. Trust them anons, get into a decent career like being a doctor or something and draw on the side. At least a mediocre doctor lives well...

well I just felt for you guys, feel free to call me crab or whatever
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