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Are there any actual art Discord servers without schizophrenic shitposting here or is that too much to ask for
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should I sell my soul to fujo webcomic fans

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>don't have to be good
>just draw twink boys with long neck
>don't need good writing, just bait
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New to /ic/ and drawing in general. I notice this board has some sort of weird notion of references being bad. Can anyone explain this?
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how do i find the motivation to draw again?

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I used to like drawing in the summer and my drawing class in college as it was one of the easiest classes but i had to focus on other harder classes

now i just have a single storyboard drawing assignment due on Monday left and then i graduate college but all the fun and enjoyment i had before is gone and i'm struggling to find motivation and drive i used to have before

Wut do?

Also pick related is the first page of my storyboard assignment
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Towergirls Drawthread

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: p5214100
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where do you get refferences?
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>draw around 30 to 35 hours a week
>get GF a few months back
>love her very much
>never have experienced such levels of love from another person
>realize between work, chores, and now GF, my 30 hours weakly have probably been reduced to less than half

I already know what I must do, I just need some motivation. Anyone done something similar?
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Post Any Good Oil Painting

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for inspiration, study, save for wallpaper, etc...
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where does inspiration end and plagiarism begin?
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