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Tradchads, what are your thoughts on digital art?
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How do you avoid falling into the "I can only draw good from reference" trap?
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Lower back pain

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We all got wrist pain, now how do we fix lower back pain?

I exercise regularly and I'm in good shape but for some reason I've always had lower back pain. Any solutions?
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What should be fixed in both the japanese and western comics and cartoon industries for a possibility like this to become relatively realistic?

>I made my comic online or self-published in the future
>The comic is my "magnum opus" after years of drawing and doing my own mini-series to practice specifically comics and storytelling
>The comic become as successful as, let's say, Homestuck or Chainsaw man
>the comic eventually get printed physically and is sold around the world
>it sells well
>an high quality japanese animation studios decides to make my comic into an animated series
>it evolves from a series with a cult following to a huge hit, everyone talks about it on the whole internet, a sizeable fanbase is made and the project is successful both in the western world and Japan
>the series is remembered for decades to come with cartoon and comics fans globally
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is having ADHD an automatic ngmi? Other /IC/ers with ADHD, how do you manage to get anything done and what are your tips to other people struggling with ADHD
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Why is tumblr art so revolting? There's a lot of women who draw oversexualized gay men, and somehow these drawings all look the same. And I can't put my finger on what exactly is so abhorrent about it. It's just looks wrong and out of place. Like fish out of water, I guess? And even when they draw women, they look like men.
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How do I make anime characters (female) kneel in gimp using pic related as a guide? Not a drawfag btw... do I need to be or is there a gimp trick that I can use?
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anyone on /ic/ applying?
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