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How to progress better and show ur progress too.
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Any tips for /beg/ tier digital artist? In clip studio or Photoshop.

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Only had my display tablet for a few days. I wasn't able to complete anything until I tinkered with the pencil tool's minimum value. Set it to 70, and drawing on tablet suddenly didn't feel as awful as it was yesterday. Anything I should fiddle with next?
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What is the point of 1min/30sec timers for life drawing? It feels like it's too fast for me to process or learn anything
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I got this digital art commission request from this client, but I REALLY don't want to do it. Problem is, I already reluctantly told him that I would do it, and now I'm regretting my decision. It's NSFW, and every time I put my pen to the tablet, I get depressed. What do?
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>Draw for 5 minutes
>hand already hurts
it's over niggas
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Are these her hip bones?

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I don't fucking get it. I am a brainlette. Are the red arrows pointing at her hip bones? If not what are those, and if so what are the blue arrows pointing at?
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Why is digital so soulless compared to traditional?
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When do you students draw when exams are coming up and most of the time goes into studying? How do you grind both efficiently?
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Drawing request

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I want to have a drawing request where an anime is sitting on top a nother anime girl(me) and forcing her to take abilify