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>open art stream
>super zoomed in
>most of linework/flats is done
>artist makes a few scratches on the drawing for a few minutes
>stops drawing and just chats for 10 minutes
>makes another few scratches
>talks for another 10 minutes
>makes a few scratches
>takes a "break" watches some ytube videos or some gay shit for 15 minutes
Why are art streamers like this?
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I tried drawing some feet

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I tried drawing some feet, What do you think?
Anyone got feet to post that they sketched?

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Can you help me? I just can't figure this out! Maybe some of you high IQ artist-types can help a damsel in distress.
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How do I stop nuking my accounts

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>make account on whatever art platform
>post some art
>get relatively positive response, gain 10 followers
>suddenly I feel a wave of anxiety, all of the new pics I draw don't feel good enough, and on top of that I get ashamed of the art that was posted a few weeks ago
>delete fucking everything
>repeat cycle a few months later
wtf do I do? I want to build an audience in hopes that I can make a few bucks (not as main income but a "part time job" at most), but I get so scared bros.
My biggest fear is that I'll get made fun of by an artist who is better than me, and he/she will be one of the jerk-like ones who won't bother giving descriptive criticisms on what's wrong with my pictures, but rather just plain petty high-school tier teasing.
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How can we even compete?
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Video Course Thread

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Look up past threads in warosu. Pirate at your own peril.
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animaton career advice

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made this thread on /adv/ but was told to post here instead.
i'm a third year in an animation/illustration course. at this stage, i feel like i just want nothing to do with the industry. the more i learn about how animation studios work, and the more i interact with other people in this area i just get more and more put off pursuing my career.

everyone in my class seems like they are just there to make some nice stuff for their portfolio so they can go get a job, which is fine in and of itself. but no one seems to care about what they are actually making, if it means anything, if they have something to say with their work/whether they should say it or not. rarely anyone asks questions or wants to discuss anything in detail. they will just say things like 'i love the colours' or 'nice linework', and just end the conversation there. its so frustrating to me.

i understand animation and filmmaking is essentially a business, but i thought in college at least there would be opportunities to bond with other people, bounce ideas off each other, work on projects together etc..

i only have one more year left. i really feel like i want to drop out but i have no alternatives apart from breaking my back working in a warehouse. i genuinely feel like i have no future in this field because i just find the culture and attitude of everyone so repulsive and demotivating.

genuinely at a loss. anyone else dealt with similar stuff? what would u advise me to do?
i can answer any questions/go into more detail as well

i'm not looking for feedback on my work or trying to make friends. i just want to hear what people have to say about this
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you d/ic/ks ever try foundation patreon? Their stuff is like 10 bucks a video. Do they hold back information like all other gumroads?
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What are some good digital painting courses?

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For absolute beginners.
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