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Did I figure out a formula?

>Wake up "OK today's an art day"
>Spend 3+ hours on basic fundies, perspective, figure, portrait, quick-sketch, two-tone
>Spend some of the day doing basic graphic design for work
>Right before bed "I need to draw some coomer art for my followers and clout"
>Whip out great piece in 20 minutes
>1k likes overnight and growing, my fastest growing piece so far in April

Sometimes I Just sit on the couch at the end of the day and try to only draw a coomer piece for like 2 hours and sometimes it's good, oftentimes it's shit. Or I sit with a real lesson but my only intention is to create coomer art with the learning results. But after 7 years of that I'm starting to resent myself for not building my real abilities. I don't think my audience wants to see overrendered bullshit either - they want the simple shapes, character - soul, quick readability etc. Is this the best of both worlds /ic/? How do I keep on this track and not fall back into being a coomer-only artist?
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why do some artists get worked over people reposting their art?
I dont mind it if they credit me as the artist, just means more publicity to me.
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Vent Thread

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your ocs aren't real
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Art Advice

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Have an iPad and bought an apple pencil. Want to start learning how to draw but don't know where to begin. Any advice?
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ITT terrible artists you somehow look up to

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Is 20 too late?

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I have spent 15-20 being addicted to video games, eating badly, and being a hedonistic and motivation-less loser.

I'm turning my life around academically (putting my effort into my engineering degree), working out a couple times a week, and I'm moving to start back up and draw.

The animation that inspired me to think about drawing again was some of those new funky animes like mushoku tensei and wonder egg priority.

But is age 20, going on 21 this december, too late to start up? I know I'll never be a miyazaki or animator at some japanese studio.

But I don't even know where to take a first step.

Does anyone have some advice or tips for a recovering doomer who wants to make something out of their life before they die?
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How do I learn how to mix gouache effectively? I can imagine what color and value I'd like to create but don't know the methods to actually create them, and I'll usually end up with a messy palette filled with lots of unused colors. I was previously a digital artist so it feels like a big step from just being able to pick any color and have instant access to it.
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