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Does anyone else feel MORE inspired to draw opening IC? Just seeing all the people here who made it or the advice, or etc just makes me both excited and anxious
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How long did it take your guys to get use to drawing on a digital tablet?
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Alright faggots, it's time for a surprise upside-down Stravinsky test, pull out a pen and pencil you know what to do.
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Draw fanart for eachother

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Post ur OC, see if someone wants to draw it thread. No one made a new one but people wanted it, so here.

Can we decide on a name for these threads? Hard to search for "OC" and not get like fitty other threads.
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Post a detail that fascinates you from a drawing in your inspiration folder, the more specific the better
I love how this artist keeps the contours clean and sharp while the values and colors inside of the masses are messy and detailed
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The previous stupid questions thread is gone and there is no new thread so I'm doing it like this.

Thanks to the guy who showed me an excel for tracking commissions, I came up with this.

Any tips on how to improve it?
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looking for the name of a performance art piece.

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hi all,
i'm posting here as a last resort, i'm hoping someone will see this and know what i'm talking about. i'm looking for the name of/ a link to a performance art piece i saw a while back online, IDK if its about being disabled or a medical condition or what, but its basically a bunch of white people using a lot of medical equipment like the cane pictured and yelling/making noises but no real dialogue, i think they were wearing just white tidies or possibly diapers, when i saw it i was very disturbed by it but hoped it had deeper meaning and so i tried not to judge it. but now im looking for it again and cant find it.
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Reference and Inspo Thread

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Let's share some. The higher the rez the better!
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how to i make lineart like the ref?
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