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/TRAD/ Traditional Art General

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Post artwork you've made in traditional media for critique or just for funsies lolololol
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It’s a new social media platform focused on artists. Think it’ll take off?
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what u think

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Learn art on youtube

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you are attending right, anon?
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Ic meme thread

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This thread is for posting and sharing /ic/ memes.
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How do you quickly fill your base colors for your lineart? I always spend so much time because the fill tool leaves so many of these types of gaps. I never see anyone else have these problems
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Tell me about Sheldon Borenstein. Are his books worth it? How about how video lectures?
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Thoughts on KombeenanvusCartoons' art?
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Ugly Commie Art

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post ugly commie art, especially brutalist art like picrel
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