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As someone who knows little or nothing about computers, I'm rather disappointed by (((Noam Nisan))) and (((Shimon Schocken))). I have seen their book being praised quite often so I decided to read it but it doesn't really deliver what it promises. It purportedly claims to show you how to build a computer form scratch but I'm halfway through the book and I have at least two major issues with it:
>DFFs are black boxes (so much for building everything with NAND gates)
>assemblers, VMs, and compilers are written in some other language that is taken for granted (why bother with creating a language if you already assume I have one I can use?)
At least "But How Do It Know?" by Clark Scott tried to explain how the clock works using feedback loops (even if that book didn't have much to say about software).
Is there any other book that explains in more detail how computers are built "from scratch"? In particular I would like to know how was it possible to build assemblers and compilers without any pre-existing language.
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The airplane is one of the greatest mechanical inventions by christians, but is it the greatest of all time? The telescope is another good one, but I think airplanes outrank telescopes in usefulness. Of course the airplane would never have been invented if Carl Benz, another great christian inventor, hadn't first laid the groundwork. Orthodox christian Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter, it has some improved functionality over the airplane, but some things are worse too. Robert Goddard was in the choir at his church, maybe that inspired him to higher things.
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>be international relations student
>get curious one day
>look up a paper to see if, at a given job, bureaucrats or politicians are more effective at that job
>there IS a paper on it
>read paper
>it draws its conclusions based on a mathematical formula
>scratch head because the level of calculus is over my head
>not content just to take their word for it
>"if all the good shit is locked behind math then I should learn math"
>take a few years of calculus, almost enough for a math minor
>go back
>the problem with the paper isn't the math, it's that there is only shaky evidence at best that the factors they're using as variables that they are presenting have the mathematical relationship that they want to calculate results based on
>got fascinated by hard science anyway
>end up majoring in biochem after all of that time in IR

I'm not a STEMlord, but people in other areas of academics use math to conceal nonsense so often that it really seems like you have to learn it just to debunk bullshit when it's being presented to you. Do you see a lot of funky math like this?
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What's going on with the "BLC1" radio signal?

back in January...

> What's the latest on the purported Proxima Centauri signal?

> Worden: We're about to submit our papers on the signal. We're virtually certain now that it's interference. I can't get into the details.

It's already mid-April. Where are these papers?
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constant exposure to low power non ionizing radiation

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are there any studies made on the long term effects of the constant exposure to low power radio frequency transmissions we are constantly exposed to? I'm kinda curious about this topic. And see whether or not someone has reached a conclusion about this.
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Is pain real?
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Name a more worthless and retarded field than evolutionary psychology, you can't.
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Inner Voice

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Does anyone here have an inner voice? What's it like? What is it telling you?
I'm actually fascinated by this because I think I don't have it. I'm not even sure what it is. How would I test myself or someone else on whether they have an inner voice?
Is inner voice the same thing that schizophrenics report when they hear voices in their head?
Anyway, what's /sci/'s take on this.
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He did it. The crazy son of a bitch did it.

SpaceX win the bid for the NASA lunar lander.

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/sci/ Is there a recommended comprehensive coursework available online that will basically take me through all of highschool math?

I never really paid much attention in highschool during math classes, and I feel like there is some fundamental gap in my very basic highschool level math knowledge.

The guide in the sticky seems to focus mainly on undergrad level math major type material.
I have looked at khan academy, but it seems like each course level is pretty brief given that they say you've attained mastery of a subject after completing a 4 question quiz