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Who is the greastest contemporary scientist?
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The number of sporadic geniuses observed is falling.

If you keep browsing this board you are only stroking your ego by proving dropouts, loner undergrads, or larpers wrong about simple topics.
The threads that have interesting and complex starting topics simply get meme, irrelevant, or pseud responses.

What's going on here? Is the number of active /sci/ users falling and taking away fringe smarts or is the space diluted with fools?
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Post photos you've taken.

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I've recently gotten into telescopes. My photos aren't very good but I thought it would be fun to see what pictures people have taken of the heavens.
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Scientifically speaking, what is the cause of rising young male virginity? Xenoestrogens? Is it true that the average male testosterone 100 years ago is considered high for modern men?
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Who is the Scientist?

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I can remember the original photograph, but I can't put my tongue on his name. By the way, I'm trying to figure out who this person looks like, because the man on the currency note is someone else.
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Does reading really makes you smarter or is just a meme?
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Pills that make you schizophrenic

Is this a scientific possibility?
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What software do you use for statistical analyses?
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Will you be taking the vaccine?
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Is it true that meditation raises your IQ?
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