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Is it true that meditation raises your IQ?
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Fellow smart - hard working INTPs , i needs your help rn . What do you guys think is the best methods to study , work as an INTP ? My little back story , i some how get my ass sliped in side of university although i am just a half ass try hard piece of shit with midwit iq so no need to speak further to find out that i'm in big trouble rn . Eather i have force my self grinding the shit out of library seat to study ( and there is no chance that shit will happen cause am a midwit with ADHD ) or my ass get kicked out of Uni . But you know the drill for INTPs , if some one put a gun up behind our head and force you to study or he blast the shit out of your brain , we will tend to turn around and pull the trigger our self . So pls help , i don't want to be a hobo although i'm considering it rn (sound comfy)
P/s : Study and work on what you interested does not count .
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The measurement problem

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I hate that we fucking call it the "measurement problem" when it should be the interaction problem instead to make it more intuitive.
>Things change when you beat the shit out of them
fucking DUH
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Since quantum computers will be used to calcualte Pi to greater degrees of accuracy, if it reaches a final definitive value would that mean we live in a simulation?
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Did you ever use calculus after leaving school?

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Did you ever use calculus for work or for personal projects, say, 2 years after leaving school? If so, what's your job?
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I take it back guys
the curve is clearly visible
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So we understand that cancer is caused by environmental and genetic factors, does that mean that NEETS/Hikikomoris have 50% less chance to develop cancer since they don't go outside?
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