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sloping foreheads

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is there any correlation between forehead skewness and IQ or impulsivity? Most people with sloping forehead I met were either complete retards or smart but impulsive and agressive
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Based molecules ONLY
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Can scientists explain fainting goats? What is the evolutionary purpose??
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>100 fucking years old book
>$70 for a paperback
lmao what a scam
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/uni/- University Thread

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Post your unis
BSc, MSc, MEng, PhD welcome
Fuck BAs Edition

>going to pic rel for CS BSc
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Why does the USA not simply make several nuclear, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal powered desalination plants? We've got two massive coast lines clean water shouldn't ever be an issue
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Can playing 1 year of high school football cause CTE?
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How do I learn electronics from scratch?
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is the present just an illusion?