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Can scientists explain fainting goats? What is the evolutionary purpose??
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>100 fucking years old book
>$70 for a paperback
lmao what a scam
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Why does the USA not simply make several nuclear, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal powered desalination plants? We've got two massive coast lines clean water shouldn't ever be an issue
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Can playing 1 year of high school football cause CTE?
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is the present just an illusion?
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so not passing your DNA to some faggot next generations proves you're the one ultimately superior last step of evolution of your own kind able to decide of the destination of your legacy

Change my mind.
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Why is it that:

e^(1-x^2) draws a positive line through all values.
2x draws a negative line for x<0, and a positive line for x>0.
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