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Two random humans are sampled from American population to have their genitals examined. One is found to have a circumcised penis. The other does not have a circumcised penis. What is the chance that the other one is a female.
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For a while i've wondered what is it about anons that makes this place what it is. I also wondered the same about other sites, including the bigger, boogey sites like r*ddit.

So a few months ago i came across this chart and thought it illustrated some interesting psych pathology. Specifically, it explained to me how some people can be very competent yet extremely boring, and likewise others very lively but, surprisingly, very incompement. It also ties with the known fact that historically important people come from families suffering from these conditons but were only partial gene carriers that gave them the edge.

The analogy to 4chan and r*ddit then seemed pretty straight forward given that r*ddit can have very well versed people around, but is also a total chore and just dull in general. 4chan, on the other hand, may overflow with bullshit and literal morons, but also delivers some real gems that i am confident I'd find nowhere else and have shaped me over the years.

The way it's mapped in this chart, in my mind, explains very nicely why this rare jewel phenomenon exists and why this place is still worth its salt despite obvious baggage. A balanced medium might be efficient and carry the everyday tasks, but it's the testing fringes that reveal the cutting edge.
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Mathfag who's currently learning physics here, is picrel really as bad as people make it out to be, and if so, are there better books on advanced e&m?5
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Anyone else on 4chan that operates on geospatial based memory sets?
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Wtf bros most of the Sahara is actually shrubland, not sand??????

What about the semiarid desert parts? Is that shurb too???? Is everything I read a lie????????
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Lex has stepped his game up recently. Speaks more clearly, asks better questions, actually challenges people instead of blindly nodding along

Whatever you think of the guest/subject or whether or not you agree with him, I think this is a pretty interesting discussion. Mostly covers things everyone here already knows/has heard, probably, but I enjoyed it
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If you cut a guy's balls (post-puberty) and he doesn't take hormones, will he still be stronger than an average woman?
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Real nigga.
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If covid kills 80 year olds aka guys that draw a pension while contributing nothing, should we not let it kill as many as possible?
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UFOs Disabling/Deactivating Nukes

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How did they (whoever they are, human or otherwise) achieve this? Deactivating nukes, erasing launch codes, etc.? Seems like something that needs to be identified and counter-acted. This stuff is getting really spooky from a national security perspective. I wonder if SpaceX has any satellite projects coming in the future to help monitor this kind of shit.
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