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black pill me on med school

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first year uni student. black pill me on why med school is bad.

aside from that, i'm worried what the hell a bachelor in science can even get u. its either pre-med or cs if u want a decent job. here in canada ur basically making peanuts if u do cs. my dad also works in cs and says that job stability is garbage once ur in ur late 30s or 40s.

aside from this, the grad school pill feels so competitive, as u have to compete with other very impressive individuals just for a position as a prof.

i'm just coping atm desu, always wanted to do business but my parents said we dont have a company so its unenjoyable to suck a ceo's dick for change. med seems so competitve and my first term grades are kinda shit (around 70-80). canadian med schools are also uber competitive due to lack of seats. i'm worried as hell bros, bachelor of science just seems like such a fucking mistake and i want to end it all sometimes.

pic unrelated, needed something so i can post