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Anons, be honest: how many of the threads on /vip/ were started by (You)?
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/vip/ says trans rights!
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/vip/, you will NEVER be a Woman

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Tranny tranny telling lies
No vagina between your thighs
Soon you'll see there is no hope
Soon you'll be at the end of a rope
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Keiki Thread

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Every once a day, I'll post one image of Haniyasushin Keiki.
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Video game reality

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Is the reality we are living in actually some type of video game?
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Cool Songs

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Just found this song using Shazam and a random Instagram cat post.

Feel free to share cool songs you find!
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TEST 01/??

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Devlog & My Random Images

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Continuing on from >>93796 (which will probably disappear in not that long time, maybe some website archives /vip/, I don't really know, and I don't really care). Starting out, this gnarly art depicting the violent arcade beat-em-up Splatterhouse, because I think it's cool as fuck still.
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How do you renew a pass without using shitty bitcoins? I'm not getting into that garbage
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Can mods make an interracial board or fucking something?
I've tried every filter possible and am so fucking sick of /b/ /gif/ and /pol/ being infested with it.

It wasn't like this before and now it's unavoidable. I CANT FUCKING FILTER IT.