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Rate thread

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Havent seen one of this in a while, rate the last pic and post a new
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/LH/ Long Hair

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Old thread got archived. Thread for guys with long hair. Bonus points if said guys are in suits.
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Solo thread

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Only one character in each pic and no more!
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Any of you guys into this?
It's when monsters, giant bugs, etc. lay eggs inside of a character.
Kinda hot desu.
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happy caturday, post catboys

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Tan/brown guys

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Post delicious dark guys
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DC/Marvel Thread

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Star Wars

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Can we get a star wars thread going? Preferably Obi-Wan and Maul
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Flaccid Dicks Thread

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Anything goes as long as it involves at least one (1) flaccid dick, hopefully somewhat in focus
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Male Nudity

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread. No fan art/edit

Last thread: >>2732246
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