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Wasn't a thread for it. Made it. Briefs. Boxers. Sweatpants. Whatever.
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Gym thread

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Show guys at the gym. A big fantasy of mine is to have sex at the gym.
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Post a picture relating to the next letter of the Alphabet. For example, A is for Anal Beads.
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Anyone need some decensoring work?
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Golden Kamuy

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We should have a Golden Kamuy thread. Small tops and big bottoms welcomed and encouraged.
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Animation Thread

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Send a bunch of gifs or mp4's.
Any kink is allowed.

Old thread: >>2778173
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Chubfag thread #2

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Previous thread

Post them cutie fat fucks.
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Cute Bara Boys with Buzzcut, bonus if they're baseball players

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there is something so fucking hot about boys with buzzcut who play baseball. Also that's apparently a entire archeotype.
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Yugioh Thread - any series

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Original series, GX, 5D, any of them. Show off the rarer parings you have. There are far too many guys being underutilized in these shows.
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