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Little Mac thread

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Post Little Mac
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Youtubers Thread: The 3rd Impact

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Now Twitch Streamer friendly. Post all kinds of stuff as usual of your favorite content creators and crap.

Same old rules apply, no real life photos and stuff.

Old Thread:
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fire emblem

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caspar fucking pumpkins edition
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Historical thread

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There's just something about history that I love
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What happened to this guy?

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He was all over the place, IG, twitter, even FB, now everything's deactivated. Was it tracing or something? The style does look familiar.
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Vanilla thread

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Post pictures of vanilla yaoi with men unbearably enjoying themselves
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Shin Megami Tensei thread

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Post those SMT guys, girls and boys! No small tops!
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What happened to the Barachan discord?

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I logged in and the server is gone.
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>traditional yaoi
>shit anatomy that even a deviantart artist would be ashamed of
>well-toned bodies that owe nothing to the classics of renaissance and would not be out of place in a louvre exposition

I don't get, why is traditional yaoi art always pure garbage while bara art is always so professional despite the former having a larger target demographic(females) than the latter(homos)?
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