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Haikyuu!!! thread

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Old one got pushed off so let's start anew. Remember boys and girls: No small tops!
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GUIDE: Buying from Digiket and Booth.

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I often see many anons interested in doujinshi/visual novels and other stuff on digiket/booth but they don't know how to buy from these sites. I decided therefore to write a guide!
I'll start with Digiket.

Digiket doesn't allow credit cards outside of japan so unless you have bitcoins, you'll have to settle with WEBMONEY. Now, don't worry. It's not some weird illegal crypto stuff. It's just a point based currency some websites use.
You can buy it in many websites, but I recommend to use
Sign up and buy one of the webmoney cards. They only sell 2000, 5000 and 10000 yen.

It's now time to sign up on Digiket. Use this guide.

Once you sign up and bought webmoney from a website, it's time to add it to your digiket wallet.
Use this other guide:

You can now buy anything on Digiket :DDD
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General: no small tops spam Continued

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Alright. The topic that was started >>2812807 to encourage compliance with the rules 4chan and /y/. There has been lots of discussion and the thread is about to drop so I made this to continue the discussion.

For the sake of clarity, threads are expected to be made under certain conditions: made with 6 or more images to start, not a duplicate of another active thread, not a narrow topic (such as a specific pairing, just make it for the show/game/whathaveyou) and while preference can always be mentioned, (such as a preference towards a pairing) it is always a request and not a "rule" for that thread.
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) thread!

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Husbando thread

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Post your favourite DILF.
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Translation Thread

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Wanted to get some Japanese practice in, so post any foreign /y/ material and I will try my best to translate it. Please be patient if I don't get to your request right away.
Different translators in other languages may also take requests, if they desire.
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Dragonball thread

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Post porn from the show that caused our first boners!
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Fortnite thread

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New fortnite thread because all the others ones have been dead for months lol.
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Small dick bara boys/sph

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uhh drop the small dicks guys in here.
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